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Chapter Five

Sam is called up for army service and undergoes religious indoctrination in the IDF-sponsored Hesder Yeshiva. Here, he is given insight into the Gush Enumin/National Religious Party (NRP) plans to infiltratate the IDF with a view to the creation of a greater Israel in accordance with prophecy and the approaching Time of Redemption. Sam is deeply moved to be a part of such a holy mission.

Despite his new sense of purpose, the extremism of his comrades and teachers fans his inner doubts once again and, on this occasion, leads to a major confrontation. The crisis is averted, however, and Sam is relieved to be accepted back into the fold.

Chapter Six

Things are coming to a head in the ghetto. The Nazis’ final solution is now well underway. Thousands are being deported and Leo observes the process with a sense of horror and futility. In the meantime, resistance is being planned and the first serious attempt is made to disrupt the transport of Jews to the death camps. Leo waits with increasing impatience for the moment he can relinquish his role as policeman and take up arms against the Nazis.

Chapter Seven

Following on from his time in the Hesder Yeshiva, Sam is now an officer in an elite religious-based commando unit. In the wake of suicide bomb outrages, the IDF is poised to invade major West Bank cities and refugee camps. Sam’s unit is instructed to capture President Arafat in his Muqata stronghold in Ramallah. The attempt fails and the men vent their frustration on innocent civilians. Sam, sickened by the violence, tries to check the excesses of his fellow-officer and friend, Gad Katz. Further attacks on civilians increase his doubts and he finds himself drawn back to his grandfather’s experiences and their relevance to current events.

Chapter Eight

The battle for the ghetto has begun. Jewish freedom fighters are fighting for their lives against vastly superior German forces. As the battle turns against the resistance, Leo is instructed to lead his sister and important Jewish operatives to safety. After a nightmarish journey through the Warsaw sewers, and a hair-raising escape from the city, he joins the partisans in their struggle against the Nazis.

Leo explains how bigotry can give rise to the conditions where human beings are regarded as vermin, and counsels Sam to avoid the racist trap at all costs.   >>