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Chapter Nine

Barely granted the time to contemplate what has happened to him, Sam is thrown back into action as the infamous attack on the Jenin refugee camp unfolds. Again, he finds himself embroiled in the violence, but this time tries to save the life of a crippled Arab victim

The incident sparks of a major confrontation with his erstwhile friend, Gad Katz. When news arrives that a comrade has taken his own life in the wake of the atrocities he has witnessed, Sam burns his bridges and declares his antipathy to the occupation.

Chapter Ten

Leo’s tales from the past reach their climax. He recounts the horrors of the concentration camp and the final days before liberation. He then tells Sam about the German nurse who saved his life and returned him to sanity. Sam is unable to accept the critical role a German woman has played in his grandfather’s rehabilitation, however, and rejects his grandfather’s revelation of their subsequent marriage and emigration to Israel in 1948. Only much later, with the help of his mother, is Sam finally able to acknowledge and come to terms with the past.

After the boy storms out, Leo recalls his emigration to Palestine with his new wife and the hopes and fears they experienced in their new home.

Chapter Eleven

At the beginning, Sam is back in Kiryat Arba, but quickly discovers he has no future there. His agreement with the reservists’ charter, refusing military service in the Territories, is fiercely rejected by most of his former comrades.

He becomes an active campaigner for the Peace Movement and gains greater understanding of the Arab point of view. Meeting up with his father in Jerusalem, the two are finally reconciled. For the first time, Sam begins to believe that if such personal reconciliation is possible, there may be hope for the future of his country.