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Sam is a confused and troubled young man. He wants to follow the path ordained by his father and the other settlers living on the dangerous West Bank. He wants to be part of the approaching Time of Redemption, when Jews will rule sovereign over all the peoples of the world, but is haunted by his grandfather’s tales from the Shoah, and disturbed by the vicious tactics employed by his comrades against their Arab neighbours.

His doubt increases when he finds himself part of an elite religious unit battling the forces of “evil” deep inside the Territories. As the scales fall away, he realises that the erstwhile victims of anti-Semitism have now become the victimisers in an increasingly bitter struggle for land.

The novel launches an uncompromising attack on all forms of racism - whether instigated by the Nazis during the Second World War, or Jewish fundamentalists in modern-day Palestine. The heroes are a survivor of the Shoah, who finds it in his heart to forgive the enemies of his people, and a young man struggling against the odds to discover where his true loyalties lie.

Of Winter’s Cost is a brave attempt to shed light on facts concealed or deliberately ignored in the aftermath of the Holocaust. >>